OptiVia’s LTL Freight Rates Software Optimizes Logistics for EMS Equipment OEM

The Situation:
OptiVia Logistics’ third party logistics expertise was put to the test by a manufacturer/distributor of professional emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products.  OptiVia’s team was brought in by the OEM to address several needs that were identified pertaining to LTL freight:

  • Improve shipment execution and control
  • Desired better information on shipping activity, costs
  • Improved management tools
  • Augment existing staff with additional logistics expertise

The Solution:
OptiVia deployed its internet-based Transportation Management Services (TMS) for use in Customer Service and Shipping for better shipment control and execution.  A new LTL carrier lineup and rate structure was prepared, executed and implemented for better service and lower cost.  New KPI’s were developed to monitor cost and service objectives and a carrier scorecard was implemented in conjunction with client to objectively evaluate carrier performance.

The Results:
Within the first year of implementing OptiVia’s online transportation software solution, the OEM was consistently achieving substantial improvements in LTL performance including:

  • Reduced average cost per pound
  • Increased average weight per LTL shipment
  • Reduction in LTL miles per shipment
  • Improvement in carrier LTL on-time performance

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OptiVia Logistics Launches New Website at OptiViaLogistics.com

OptiVia Logistics, a third party provider of supply chain solutions, recently launched OptiViaLogistics.com, giving website users access to free transportation management software and information about the freight brokerage, warehousing, and logistics services offered by OptiVia.

The free software provided at OptiViaLogistics.com allows users to compare and select various methods, routes and prices for delivering product from point A to point B. OptiViaLogistics.com also makes it easy for website users to contact the company for quotes and information about the supply chain solutions OptiVia provides.

“OptiViaLogistics.com will give up-to-date information about how we can help companies with their transportation and warehousing needs,” said Director of Sales, Marty Grogan. “And our clients can regularly access the site to find what’s new with OptiVia and what’s new in the industry we serve.”