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NMFC numbers and classification must be on bill of ladings (B/L) in order for OptiVia Logistics to dispute discrepancies with carriers. In the event that this information is not on the bill of lading and the carrier bills at a class other than what was on the B/L we will not be able to dispute such bills. For assistance please contact OptiVia Logistics by email at brokerage [at] optivialogistics [dot] com or phone at (513) 554-8828.

Helpful Tips

  • Any shipment over 5,000 lbs or requiring more than 12 linear feet of trailer space, please call (513) 554-8828 for a quote.
  • When receiving freight, please check for damage before signing the delivery receipt. Damage must be noted for a claim to be filed.
  • Service days are estimated by the carrier. For guaranteed or expedited deliveries, please contact OptiVia for a quote.

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