OptiVia’s LTL Freight Rates Software Optimizes Logistics for EMS Equipment OEM

The Situation:
OptiVia Logistics’ third party logistics expertise was put to the test by a manufacturer/distributor of professional emergency, mortuary, and healthcare products.  OptiVia’s team was brought in by the OEM to address several needs that were identified pertaining to LTL freight:

  • Improve shipment execution and control
  • Desired better information on shipping activity, costs
  • Improved management tools
  • Augment existing staff with additional logistics expertise

The Solution:
OptiVia deployed its internet-based Transportation Management Services (TMS) for use in Customer Service and Shipping for better shipment control and execution.  A new LTL carrier lineup and rate structure was prepared, executed and implemented for better service and lower cost.  New KPI’s were developed to monitor cost and service objectives and a carrier scorecard was implemented in conjunction with client to objectively evaluate carrier performance.

The Results:
Within the first year of implementing OptiVia’s online transportation software solution, the OEM was consistently achieving substantial improvements in LTL performance including:

  • Reduced average cost per pound
  • Increased average weight per LTL shipment
  • Reduction in LTL miles per shipment
  • Improvement in carrier LTL on-time performance

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